The Philtech Lesley V12, 108cc Model Aero engines

Philtech Enterprises introduces The Philtech Lesley 108cc V12 model aero engine. This engine is nearing the end of the development phase and will soon be entering production. These engines are a complex and sophisticated piece of engineering.

Following extensive customer and dealer feedback, we have decided that the 1/5 scale aircraft is the more popular market for our V12 engine.The Philtech Lesley 108cc V12 engine has a 1.08:1 or 1.25:1 reduction gearbox & electronic fuel injection management system.

We anticipate this engine will drive a 3 bladed, 22 inch diameter propeller or a 4 blade 20 inch propeller.

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Philtech Lesley 108cc V12 Model Aero Engine